On dreams and fears.


What if your dreams and fears existed in the same place? Would you still go there?

My dreams are as diverse as this country. Small, big, scary, heart warming dreams that include but are not limited to: ending sex slavery, mastering my kitchen, photographing mothers of the world, writing novels better than The Hunger Games, dissolving extreme poverty, exercising as if I like it and opening a successful local business. There are seemingly too many for one lifetime and there is no one dream that I desire to achieve that feels consistently stronger than another.

In the place that my dreams live, fear is there too; causing all sorts of turmoil.

If Disney magic has taught me anything it’s that I should dream big, reach for the stars and wish and hope and when the prince comes on his horse, all the dreams will come true. I’m starting to think (always knew but lived in denial) that that’s not the case, you see my prince came and now I just have more responsibilities. Even for the growing number of my Disney feminist sisters, the prince was never the point, and yet we’re still waiting for our opportunity to ride in on a horse at sunset and sweep us away. Guess what, it’s not coming. Yet our dreams are still there, sinking in our hearts and guts and looming over our lives; and fear is always on the outside, knocking, keeping us from opening the door to step into the place where dreams live wildly and beyond our imaginations.

Here’s what I’m learning: action cures fear.  I have heard many women and men who have paved the way in wild dream living explain this is the key, but I never understood how to apply it. I want to believe with all my heart that this is true, but what is my action? How do I move? Where do I go? How do I begin? I can’t act on all these dreams; impossible. And maybe so, but who said I had to do them all today?

I believe dreams are from above. That God breathes a dream into us for his purpose which began before time was formed. And if that is true, than the dreams filling my heart are not in vain. Each one just might be fulfilled in a way that I can’t yet see or understand. It may look entirely different than I imagine – if it truly comes from the hand of God than I know it will be revealed with more beauty, power, love and change than I will hope for.

If you allow fear to continue knocking it will grow bigger and bigger outside the door, it’s only until you rise up in faith and open it that you realize fear is elusive, and it does not leap with you in faith – it will move on, find another home because it can’t live with faith.

So yes, fear is there, in the same place as your dreams. But don’t hesitate to go there, even in a small way. Rise up and act: Is your dream strong enough? Wild enough, freeing, believable and enduring? Do you wake up in the morning with your dream in mind’s eye and churning in your gut? Then don’t wait any longer. The dream is yours, live it. 

Special thanks to Rosie Wuthrich, LCMFT for the opening  sentence and inspiration for this post.

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